The First Snow: Eating cake at the counter

I drove my roommate to New York for a flight that left just hours before the first snowstorm of the season. Before he walked into the terminal, I noticed a box sitting on the passenger seat. It was a Pandoro cake – an Italian cake traditionally shared with family on Christmas Day – and it…

Laos: The Art of Backpacking Your Own Ever-Changing Territory.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend about being able to recognize how much you’ve grown as a person through revisiting old essays/projects. We both agreed that it’s just so tempting to go back and start arguing with our past selves. As I thought about that conversation over my morning coffee, I felt inspired…

An open letter to the person who approached me in HSQ.

TW: Sexual Assault Dear the person who approached me in HSQ earlier this week, Before I go into the details of our encounter, and the short string of words that oozed out of your mouth, I’d like to paint a picture of how my day was going right up until that point. I was walking…

China: Yangshuo, Guangxi Province

Within an hour of arriving in Kunming I was sitting in the communal area of my hostel. Right when I pulled out my laptop to start planning the day “Ophelia” by The Lumineers came on the radio.

Skopje, Macedonia: The City of Statues.

Imagine this: You’re walking through the main square of Skopje for the first time. You hear the footsteps of a dog to your left and as you look around you stumble upon your first statue.